Sunday, March 1, 2015

McLaren Reveals Beastly P1 GTR Ahead Of Geneva

Not too long ago we wrote that McLaren will debut its insane track only P1 GTR Hybrid at the upcoming 2015 Geneva International Motor show this March. It looks like the boys over in Woking decided to let the cat out of the bag early and release photos of the P1 GTR on the internet for the world to see.

In order for McLaren to properly compete in the exclusive, ultra-expensive track toy market, the P1 GTR is going to have to be as fast and filled with as much lunacy as the Ferrari FXXK. Thankfully not only does the P1 GTR look like something out of this world, it has the numbers to back it up. While the standard road going McLaren P1 has a combined output of 903 hp from a 3.8L twin-turbo V8 that produces 727 hp and a 176 hp electric motor, the P1 GTR takes it a step further by having a combined output of 986 hp. The gasoline engine has a bump of 62 hp and the electric motor has a bump of 21 hp.

Although more power is always a good thing, power alone doesn't necessarily make for a good track car. The engineers at McLaren also made the car lighter than the road version as well, a feat on its own when the whole tub is a solid piece of carbon fiber. In fact, the P1 GTR weighs 110 lbs lighter that the P1 road car. Switching to a titanium/inconel exhaust alone saved 14 lbs. Saving this much weight is quite the feat considering that the P1 GTR is 80 mm wider at the front and has additional aerodynamic parts added to the bodywork as well. The most noticeable of which is a giant fixed rear spoiler that sits 100 mm higher than the P1 road car even in it's most aggressive "track" setting. With all the extra aerodynamic parts, the P1 GTR produces 10% more downforce than the P1 road car, which equates to 660kg at 150 mph

The price for this fearsome piece of British engineering is an astronomical 1,980,000, or$3,798,927 CAD at current exchange rates. Even if you have the dough to buy the car, McLaren won't let anyone just purchase it. Firstly, you must already be an existing Mclaren customer and own a McLaren P1 road car. Secondly, you must pass the "individual driver profiling sessions" in order to be allowed in McLaren's P1 Driver Programme.

We can't wait to see the car in the metal during the 2015 Geneva International Motor Show. will be covering the show, so make sure to visit to keep in the loop.

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