Monday, March 2, 2015

Aston Martin Vulcan Teased Ahead of Geneva

Not that long ago, Ferrari released a very limited run of 32 track-special LaFerraris, named the FXXK, as a successor to their Enzo-based FXX. The rather steep price for the Ferrari FXXK was 2.5 million, but that cost also included entry into Ferrari's Corse Clienti customer racing program. McLaren has a similar track-only version of their P1 flagship hybrid hypercar, which they have called the P1 GTR. Now rumour is that the blokes over at Aston-Martin want to get in on the action as well. Watch the video after the break.

Just a couple of weeks before the Geneva Auto Show, Aston-Martin releases a teaser clip scarce of details. This 21 second clip of engine noise and outlines of a racetrack comes to an end with the promise of the reveal of a new car called the Aston-Martin Vulcan at Geneva on March 3rd. Judging by the sound of the noise, it seems to be a V12, perhaps a reworked version of their ubiquitous 6.0L unit found in the Vanquish. As long as we are speculating here, let me put it out there that it would be great if they sourced a racier version of 7.3L V12 from the One-77 project. That, unfortunately, has a very, very small chance of actually happening. Expect there to be many carbon fiber bits, a crazy power output, a massive wing, and probably won't be street legal.

The 2015 Geneva International Motor Show is getting more exciting as more auto makers are promising to debut some exhilarating cars. Make sure you catch all the action here as we will be covering the event March 3rd - March 15th 2015.

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