Monday, February 10, 2014

Video: Jaguar F-Type Tested On Romania's Transfagarasan And Transalpina Roads


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Back in 2009, TopGear took a trip to Romania and tested the "Transfagarasan" road. In the end, the guys were so impressed by the road, that Jeremy called it: "the best road in the world!" I've personally traveled that road and generally agree, but that's only because TopGear never tested the other great road in Romania: Transalpina.

Transfagarasan climbs to 2,034 meters (1,263 miles) above sea level and is 90 km (60 miles) of hard hairpin turns, long S-curves and sharp descents top allow you to really test your driving skills. The only problem is that the speed limit is 40 km/h (about 25 mph), but I doubt that some folks resisted the urge to push their car to its limits. Not to mention that the scenery is simply amazing here.

But, no matter how wild the Trasfagarasan is, it is not as scary as Transalpina, or the "King's Road" as it is also called. It climbs to 2,145 meters (1,332 miles) and is a little bit longer than the other road at 148 km (91 miles). While it may not offer the same hairpin bends as the Trasfagarasan, driving it is a little bit scarier, given the road is built on the edge of the mountain and when you look down, all you see is large precipice with no end. Also, this road requires you to drive a more powerful car, because at higher altitudes, it climbs really fast and a small engine has no chance of making it.

Of course this is our opinion on the roads, now check out what the guys over Evo have to say about the two Romania roads. They have the advantage of driving a Jaguar F-Type Roadster, so next to some great scenery you will also enjoy an amazing car!

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Video: Jaguar F-Type Tested On Romania's Transfagarasan And Transalpina Roads originally appeared on on Sunday, 9 February 2014 18:00 EST.

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